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Global 2017 : International Nuclear Fuel Cycle Conference

Today : 2018.05.24

Call for Papers

Submission Guidelines & On-line Submission

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Abstract Submission Process

  1. Step 1 : Submitter’s Information
  2. Step 2 : Co-Author’s Information
  3. Step 3 : Abstract Details
  4. Step 4 : Reviewing
  5. Step 5 : Confirmation

Abstract Submission Guidelines

  • 1. All abstracts must be submitted via the conference website ONLY.
  • 2. When you submit your abstract online, it will be automatically edited according to the GLOBAL 2017’s submission format. It is the authors' responsibility to review the submissions and correct them. Please proofread your abstract before completing your submission.
  • 3. Abstracts for the Oral Session and Poster Presentation are limited to 500 words text only.
  • 4. Abstracts should be typed in English.
  • 5. None of figure and table each are allowed in an abstract.
  • 6. A confirmation of the receipt of abstract will be automatically sent to the submitter and the corresponding author by e-mail upon completion of the on-line submission. The contact details you provide must coincide with those of the submitter and corresponding author, otherwise the presenter will not receive important information about the allocated session(s).
  • 7. The acceptance of abstracts will be notified by e-mail to the submitter and corresponding author by no later than March 31, 2017. It may also be found on ‘My Page (Submitter’s My Page)' of the conference website.
  • 8. Upon acceptance of your abstract, the presenting author is expected to register and present the abstracts at the Oral Session or Poster Presentation. The abstract will be published in the proceeding only if the presenting author is registered with full payment by August 11, 2017.
  • 9. Only up to 10 authors including a presenting author will be listed in the final program.
  • 10. If on-line submission is not available, please contact the secretariat at
  • 11. In principle, you cannot submit an abstract that has already been published or presented.
  • 12. All abstracts that have been published in a journal may not be submitted.

Abstract Content

Please make the abstract as informative as possible, and support your conclusions with data.

Abstracts should be structured to include the following four sections:
  • Objective: indicates the purpose of the study
  • Method: describe pertinent experimental procedures
  • Results: summarize the results of the research
  • Conclusions: states the main conclusions

Please use standard abbreviations and place unusual abbreviations or acronyms in parentheses after first use. Do NOT identify author(s) or institution(s) in text.

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