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Global 2017 : International Nuclear Fuel Cycle Conference

Today : 2018.05.24


Special Session

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As of September, 2017

Opening session of the 4th International Symposium on Safety Improvement & Stakeholder Confidence in Radioactive Waste Management (SaRaM)
Date & Time September 28 (Thu), 08:30-12:00
Venue Vista Hall (B2)
Chair(s) TBD (KORAD, Korea, Republic of)
Overview Safe management of high level waste is one of responsibilities that our generation should take on for future. It means that we can pass on the clean environment to the next generations as precious heritage when we bear the burden of high level waste management.

With good recognition to this point, great efforts to improve the technology for safe management of high level waste and to encourage the open communication with the public and stakeholder have been made in Korea. During the Special session of Global 2017, opportunity to share the knowledge and the experience in high level waste management will be provided. Also special emphasis on communication in nuclear field including radioactive waste management will be laid.
Speakers & Panelists

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William D. MAGWOOD, IV

Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA)
OECD Nuclear Energy Agency

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Chief Technological Officer
Innovation & International Relations Division

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Sales and Development Manager
Posiva Oy

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Guoan YE

Vice President
Investigation on Nuclear Fuel Cycle
China Institute of Atomic Energy


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