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Global 2017 : International Nuclear Fuel Cycle Conference

Today : 2018.05.24


Registration Guidelines

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Registration Process

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  • Payment
  • Payment
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Payment Method

Payment of registration fees should be made using one of the following methods. You can choose one of the options during the online registration process.

Option 1: Credit Card
  • Payment by credit card is available only through the online registration.
  • The following credit cards will be accepted: VISA, MasterCard, JCB, and CUP.
  • All service charges of credit cards are to be paid by the registrants.
  • The actual debit amount is subject to change according to the exchange rate.
  • The merchant name on your credit card statement will be Paypal (Overseas) or LG U+ (Koreans).
Option 2: Wire Transfer
  • All bank remittance charges are to be paid by the registrants.
  • The sender's name should be the registrant's name. If the registrant’s name and the sender’s name are not identical, please send a copy of the wire transfer slip to the secretariat marked with the registrant’s name that appears on the wire transfer slip.
  • Please ensure that the registrant's name is on the bank remittance receipt.
  • Appropriate payment should be completed within the right period of registration. If you pay after the registration period, you will be required to pay the additional fee by wire transfer.
  • Bank Information
Category For International Transaction For Korean (국내 송금용)
Bank Name WOORI BANK 우리은행
Bank Address Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) Bongwan, 22 Deokjin-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, 34057, Korea -
Telephone Number 82-42-868-2108 -
Beneficiary Korean Radioactive Waste Society 사단법인한국방사성폐기물학회
Account Number 1081-500-721399 1005-401-736746

Invoice & Receipt

  • Invoice

    - The conference invoice will be issued on your request.
    - Please send your request by e-mail to
    - Invoice will be issued within two weeks after your request.

  • Receipt

    - Receipts can be issued and printed at the ‘My Page’ after you complete the proper payment.


The certificate of attendance / presentation / chairing the session can be issued and printed at the ‘My Page’ after two weeks after the conference.

(사) 한국방사성폐기물학회
등록번호: 314-82-09060 대표자: 송기찬
소재지: 대전광역시 유성구 대덕대로 989번길 111 (덕진동) | 연락처: 042-866-4205
GLOBAL 2017 Secretariat The Plan Co.
3F, Jung E&C Bldg., 31-5 Seocho-daero 58-gil Seocho-gu, Seoul 06632, Korea
T. +82-2-538-2042~3 F. +82-538-1540 E.